Some kind words from Ryan Potts at Experimedia

Much like Danny Paul Grody’s excursions built on a ruminating acoustic guitar, Darwin Raymond’s new addition to the Analog Path CD-R label is a heady mix of warmth and nostalgia. On “Somewhere the Sun Shines Brightly” Raymond is always a guitarist first, but he manages to alternate the approach with atmosphere-heavy drones that are weathered and faded in appearance. The album doesn’t stray too far in either direction given its concise 40 minute run time, but the hazy, memory-induced songs are consistently inviting and ably constructed. The best material on “Somewhere the Sun Shines Brightly” is when both styles – forlorn acoustics and vaporous ambience – are joined, such as on the title track and “Like Us, There, Then.” – Ryan Potts, Experimedia